At Schools Elite we commit to provide students and teachers with a friendly and professional learning and teaching environment. We aim to provide optimal opportunities for success to our students, focusing on those who would not otherwise have access to ESL tutoring. We continuously strive to create the most progressive ESL training programmes, by holding ourselves to the highest standards and by implementing the most dynamic and effective teaching methods. This allows our students to develop their potential for using the English language to the fullest extent.


The DOET and MOET approved academic programmes for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools were designed with the needs of our clients firmly in mind. We consistently provide lessons that are student-centric and equip students with the necessary skills to effectively utilise the English language for academic and other purposes.



Students’ progress is assessed throughout the year by measuring their increasing abilities in all language skills, confidence in using English, and performance in tests and extra-curricular activities.


Besides Mid-term and Final reports, partner schools and parents will get a progress report with specific information about students’ strengths and areas that need to be improved. - Each and every student has his/her own strengths that need to be developed. We consult with partner schools in order to find the best methods of helping individual students achieve their goals for the future.


Schools Elite’s current training programmes focus on providing ESL services to students who wouldn’t normally have access to an ESL programme. At Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary level we provide schools with qualified and skilled teachers who teach our custom designed courses to international standards. Schools Elite courses are consistent with, and well integrated into, the compulsory English training program prescribed by MOET and DOET and aims to boost students’ communication skills. Our courses include:


These are our youngest students, aged 3 to 5. Everything about the course, from the way the classroom is set up to the curriculum, is designed to accommodate the students’ age and developmental stage. The Kindergarten programme uses a holistic approach, thus the focus is on more than just teaching language. Our Kindergarten classes focus on exposing children to English and not necessarily on getting students to produce language...


Primary schools

We have 5 levels of Primary School classes – Grade 1 to 5. As our classes are taught in the Public School system, the students are grouped together by age. Our classes form part of the students’ normal timetable during the day and we cooperate with the English departments of our partner schools to supplement the set curriculum and give our students an extra advantage. Primary School classes take place in a regular classroom and lessons are based on the text books that we have designed to supplement the standard text book.


Secondary Schools

We have 4 levels of Secondary School classes: Grades 6 to 9. Our program focuses mainly on Listening & Speaking skills and practicing communication. The lessons are based on the textbooks standardized by MOET, and have been designed to supplement the standard textbooks. These were approved by all education authorities in Hanoi.

The main objective of our supplement program is to help learners promote their communication skills and language-using ability (phonetics, vocabulary, grammar). From that, they can apply them in communication activities (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) within daily situations or contexts, to meet the communication needs of themselves and society.

The semester tests of our English secondary curriculum are rigorous, as well as speaking assessments at the end of each term in the form of monologues and conversations. Besides, there are extra-curricular activities during the academic year. These include speaking competitions, Good English Reader, Ring the Golden Bell, and school events for festivals like Tet and Christmas.


Online resources

In all we do here at Schools Elite, we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation by using all possible resources to improve learning for all our students. We also want to make learning fun and with this in mind, we created an application that parents of our Kindergarten students can download on their smart phone or tablet. This application is based on our curriculum and Kindergarten books and has plenty of fun and educational games that parents can play with their children at home.





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"I have lived and worked in Vietnam for 5 years and most of that time within the Language Link family here in Hanoi. I started as a teacher and was given plenty of opportunity and guidance to develop and expand my skill set.

Working and living in a country that is not your own, is sometimes challenging but it does help you to grow and learn as an individual and as a professional, because things are so different from what you might know or have experienced. This is definitely the case here, so every day is an opportunity to better myself and learn.

When offered the opportunity to head up the Academic team at Schools Elite, I jumped at the opportunity as I saw it as chance to make a difference in the lives of students. At Schools Elite we put our students first and bring high quality education services to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity – and that is what education should be all about to my mind. It’s about giving people opportunities and helping them reach their goals and dreams.”

"Working at Schools Elite has been an outstanding learning experience for me. If you want to work with some of the best teaching assistants, "family-feel" peers and students who are energetic and fun, you've come to the right place. You will work week day hours, so no evenings or weekends which is a real bonus compared to a lot of teaching jobs.

The management team is always supportive and willing to help where they can. Most importantly, everyone here cares about the children's education and work extremely hard in creating a safe and curative learning environment. Other teachers are always willing to help and share ideas with each other at a moment's notice, which is invaluable if you are new to ESL teaching. If you are willing to work hard and have a professional mindset, this is the place for you."

"I am a Vietnamese teacher at Schools Elite. I have worked at SE for about one year and this has been an amazing experience in my teaching career. Everyone at the SE office is very nice and helpful. I have learnt a lot of things from my colleagues. Here I have been provided and supported with all the necessary teaching skills for my work. It is something that you can't easily get anywhere.

Thanks SE for my great teaching experience!"