About us

Schools Elite is an integrated English training program that is delivered at Kindergarten and Primary level to international standards. We aim at developing students’ communication skills in a natural and effective way from an early age. This provides a strong foundation for the students to build and develop academic English language skills before moving to the Secondary level. It has been shown that a strong early age ESL foundation will help students to achieve, and over achieve, against the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The Schools Elite model is especially designed to allow the maximum number of students to get access to ESL tutoring. We have a variety of programmes where classes are delivered by highly skilled international and local teachers.

The Schools Elite project in Vietnam is operating under the business license of Global Education and Training (GET), one of the top Vietnamese education providers. GET was established in 2012 and had partnerships with top universities and educational groups, including Navitas, Into, Educatus, Kaplan and Study Group, the University of South Australia, Macquarie University, Northumbria University and the University of Pennsylvania.

About GET - Global Education and Training

  • Global Education and Training (GET) was established in 2012 with a head office in Hanoi and a branch in Ho Chi Minh city, operating English training services;
  • GET is Language Link Academic’s exclusive partner in delivering the Schools Elite English training program.
  • GET has a strong, long term partnership with Language Link in Vietnam, China and the UK in education and training cooperation.
  • The Schools Elite programme is a recognized and accredited partner of Language Link through GET.
    Schools Elite students have the opportunity at the completion of our courses to be directly transferred to an equivalent training course at any Language Link public school in the world.
  • Schools Elite courses are designed taking the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) into account and are thus to international standards.
  • Schools Elite students are entitled to submit their Final test results to apply for LLV overseas English training and Summer Camp programs in Singapore, the UK, Australia and the USA.


With over 20 years of combined experience in education and training in Vietnam, the Schools Elite management team can state with surety, that an effective combination and integration between the standard government programme and a supplementary international programme will maximize a student’s understanding of and skill in using the English Language.

The Schools Elite programme is delivered by a team of qualified and experienced international and local teachers. Our recruitment procedure follows a stringent and thorough process in order to guarantee the best quality education services at all levels.

As an exclusive partner of Language Link, Schools Elite teachers will benefit from career development opportunities through regular training workshops delivered by one of the best training providers in the market. This in turn creates more opportunities for our students to benefit from cutting edge teaching methods in a professional learning environment.

Partnering with parents

Parents are provided with a Schools Elite Parents' Partnership handbook that explains our procedures and encourages them to become part of their children’s learning process. Our online Kindergarten smart application also brings the learning home to the parents and gives them a tool to help their child along on their English journey.

Regular assessment of student progress

Students are assessed on a continuous basis with regards to class participation and skills in conjunction with our more formal assessment tools like progress and semester tests.

High Academic Standards

All our courses are designed to international standards and serve to prepare and equip students accordingly. Teaching quality is managed and monitored according to the ISO 9001:2008 system. All our teachers are formally observed throughout the year to provide feedback with the goal of improving and maintaining our own high standards and fulfilling government requirements. They are also offered various training opportunities to learn new skills and improve current performance. We know that our teachers are our product and thus we want them to be the best they can be.

Student-centric approach

Our main goal at Schools Elite is always to do what is best for the students and to provide optimum opportunities for learning and growth. Our programmes are designed to challenge, but also guide students along the journey of discovery of the English Language. Everything we do is geared towards helping students discover and enhance talents and skills. Performance is rewarded with certificates of achievement and completion. Students at certain levels of English could also register to take international TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior.