Secondary Schools

We have 4 levels of Secondary School classes: Grades 6 to 9. Our program focuses mainly on Listening & Speaking skills and practicing communication. The lessons are based on the textbooks standardized by MOET, and have been designed to supplement the standard textbooks. These were approved by all education authorities in Hanoi.

The main objective of our supplement program is to help learners promote their communication skills and language-using ability (phonetics, vocabulary, grammar). From that, they can apply them in communication activities (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) within daily situations or contexts, to meet the communication needs of themselves and society.

The semester tests of our English secondary curriculum are rigorous, as well as speaking assessments at the end of each term in the form of monologues and conversations. Besides, there are extra-curricular activities during the academic year. These include speaking competitions, Good English Reader, Ring the Golden Bell, and school events for festivals like Tet and Christmas.