Schools Elite Overview

About us

The Schools Elite team consists of a multi-cultural team of teachers and teaching assistants working in the public school system in Hanoi, teaching at Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary level. This means that if you choose Schools Elite, you will become part of a dynamic team whose main focus is to reach students who don’t usually have access to quality ESL training and provide a service to international standards. Our students are aged between 3 and 14 years of age and they are always our main consideration. We believe that our staff is what makes our product great.


Our teachers will teach within the public school system, but will have access to various resources from both Academic management and our Operations team to help them prepare for classes and feel a part of the larger company. All teaching materials are provided and our base of operations has a fully equipped teacher’s room where teachers can prepare lessons, make photo copies, use the computers, gather materials or spend their lunch break. This provides you with an opportunity to integrate into the culture of Hanoi and to work alongside the local Vietnamese school system, but with the security, support and resources of a professional and helpful team behind you.


As we work in the public school system, we teach the same classes that the local school teachers teach on a daily basis. This often means large classes and while this can be challenging, it is also very rewarding. Schools Elite provides well-trained teaching assistants for every lesson to help classes run smoothly. Some of these assistants will be often be an English teacher from the school itself. This means they know the students well and also the challenges that the students face. Assistants are often eager to learn from you and share their own experiences. This enables an exchange of ideas between local and foreign teaching ideas and methods.


The average schedule for a full time Schools Elite teacher is Monday to Friday, daytime only. This means you will have your evenings and weekends free. The school day usually starts at about 8:00am and never finishes after 5:00pm. There’s a long lunch break where the kids eat and take a nap and thus the teachers have an extended lunch break as well.

Most classes will have 2 lessons a week of 30 or 40 minutes each – depending on whether it is Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary. There are, on average, 16-20 hours of contact time per week, with teachers also spending extra time planning their lessons. Your class schedule may have similar levels, in which case, you could use some lesson plans multiple times (e.g. If your schedule has four classes of Grade 2, you could use 1 lesson plan for all four Grade 2 classes – with personal notes on how to improve on the previous lesson and how to adapt the lesson to deal with the particular nuances of every respective class).

Professional development

We provide full induction with training and orientation about the programme and further training will be provided throughout the academic year based on the needs of our teachers.

You will be observed twice by a member of the Academic Management Team during the academic school year. The first observation will occur within the first 60 days of your contract during your probationary period. The second will be sometime during the second semester. It is our goal to make observations as productive as possible. We aren’t there to criticise, we’re there to help you.

There is also the potential that you will be observed by other teachers during the year. These peer observations are to help you both develop throughout the year and come up with new ideas for your classes. If you would like to observe another teacher, just ask and we will organise it for you.


Teaching the provided syllabus using ESL methods, with a focus on being communicative

Administering and grading assessments and completing necessary reports.

Participating in school events and activities if necessary

Finding a means of transportation to and from the school

Regular communication with our office

Qualifications Required

To work for Schools Elite, you must have:

  • A 3-year degree in an academic subject
  • A CELTA/TESOL or equivalent TEFL qualification
  • A clean police check from your home country/country of most recent residence that is less than 5 months old
  • Ideally experience working with Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary students. However, we do consider newly qualified teachers
  • Verifiable references*

* Non-Native English speakers must be able to provide 3 years of references


  • Self sufficient: ability to manage oneself in an unfamiliar environment
  • Culturally sensitive: desire to interact with other Vietnamese teachers
  • Flexible: willingness to adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • Mobile: ability to transport oneself to different locations in Hanoi
  • Creative: ability to solve problems and come up with interesting and dynamic lesson plans
  • Committed: willing to stay until contract completion (the school year starts in August or September and runs until the end of May).
  • Professional: conduct yourself in a way becoming a qualified teacher, i.e. reliable, punctual, dressed appropriately etc.


To apply, please send you CV and cover letter (in Word or PDF format) to:

or use the online application tab in this dropdown menu.