We cooperate with top schools in Vietnam in delivering quality English training programs at different levels, in order to introduce Vietnamese teachers and learners to the cutting edge teaching methodology in a 100% foreigner taught program, and to support our School partners to increase competitive advantages and capability.


We regard teaching quality as the most important factor in school training services delivery, as teachers play the role of a key motivator to students’ progress in their early years of English study: accurate pronunciation, building up and development of communication skills. At Schools Elite we offer 100% foreigner taught lessons where students will directly be instructed by teachers, not by computer software like other programs. We have a strong team of qualified and experienced international teachers who make the lessons completely joyful and effective.



Students’ progress can be assessed through their increasing ability in pronunciation, confidence, progress tests and project assignment results, and performance activities that are designed for individuals and group work.



Apart from a good offer of a monthly course fee

  • Kindergarten students will get an extra 30% of study time free of charge for further reading and story telling practice right after class.
  • Primary and Secondary students enjoy their lessons with an international teacher and two Vietnamese supporting teachers at the same time.



  • Besides regular Mid-term and Final reports, School partners and parents will get an online monthly update on students’ progress, with extra advice and consultation directly from the Schools Elite Academic Coordinator.
  • Each and every student has his/her own strengths that need to be developed. We will work with parents to find out their potential capability and develop them through the Personality Analysis method.
  • We consult parents in making a long term Study Plan for their children, including Overseas studies planning and orientation for the future.